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Quicksilver Scientific

Exclusive Distributor in Japan

Quicksilver Scientific products are oral supplements in which various nutrients are wrapped in natural liposomes.

Liposomal products of Detox ‘s revolutionary brand “QuickSilver Scientific Inc.” continue to receive high acclaim, in 500 medical institutions in the United States and in medical facilities in Japan.

❏ Recover the body’s natural detoxification system.

❏ Regenerate health and cell function.

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Exclusive Distributor in Japan

World’s Best Stem Cell Products for for doctors who pursuing “high-end treatment”
Miracle medical technology “MF products” that supports recovery and regeneration of all kind of cells


Exclusive Distributor in Japan

René Quinton’s seawater therapy for people of all ages from babies to seniors.

□ Water that stores the correct DNA information for human life

Quinton’s mineral balance prevents dehydration.

□ With power from the ocean, Quinton’s seawater contains vortex power in perfect form

For 120 years, Quinton Marine Therapy continues to touch people’s lives in Europe.


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Quinton キントン


Exclusive Distributor in Japan


Energy charge by frequency and scalar waves.

The Rasha Salon Clinic is located in the high-end areas such as the West Coast and Switzerland.

Selected people visit by private jet constantly to experience the effects of Rasha.

Please enjoy the best relaxation.

C60 Purple Power

Exclusive Distributor in Japan

Fullerenes of extremely small size (1 nm) reaches intracellularly at high concentration.

□ For antioxidation in the body.

□ Relaxes muscle stiffness.

What is fullerene?

The carbon hexahedron molecule has the ability to eliminate free radicals.  Its antioxidant power is surprisingly high, 172 times that of vitamin C, and its sustaining power is 11 hours long. Its great function is a substance of high interest.

C60 purple power

Jing Orb

Exclusive Distributor in Japan

Jing Orb

Jing Orb powerfully improves the quality of detoxification and immune function by the energy charge of the electron donor of the new technology system.

We have earned high praise mainly in North American dermatology and immune system clinics.

□ Helps to detox all cells

□ Improves physical electromagnetism

□ Improves body immunity

□ Beauty benefits

Usage: Place the orb (sphere) in a container filled with water and immerse hands and feet together, or use it by completely immersing your body in a bathtub together with the orb.


Exclusive Distributor in Japan

The only safe and highly functional sports drink in the world.

The only 100% natural ionized mineral supplement in the market to support athlete performance and all people’s health.

□ World’s first class athlete drink.  Doping free.

□ Improves muscle quality and endurance before and after exercise.


Active H2

Exclusive Distributor in Japan

Active H2

For health and beauty with the use of hydrogen.

The Genesis of the earth goes back to about 360 million years ago, when there was no existence of life without hydrogen.

Hydrogen is a very important nutrient to cells for all human physiology.

That hydrogen is now in tablet form. Because it is a tablet type, you can make hydrogen water anytime, anywhere.


初乳MAF Oral Colostrum GcMAF